Awesome Bunnies ♥

A bunch of lovely Bunny stuff! (;


*starry eyes* Treats?

untitled by Heather McCutcheon on Flickr.


Cute animals are the best anti-depressant and you can not tell me otherwise

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Rabbit Revolution, bring on the bunnies!

Sleepy Cat, Grumpy Cat, Snoopy the Cat. We get it. Cats are cute, but those mew-tants have lived their nine lives out in the Internet spotlight. Now it’s time for something cuter, smarter and bouncier to take the throne. Help us advance the species forward by voting for the rabbit you feel is best suited to take center stage in your search engine

You can vote here for the rabbit you think is best to take on internet cats and rule the internet for bunnies:

Also, there are three awesome bunny T-shirts for purchase (with the proceeds going to find forever homes for foster bunnies)

My “Family Portrait” :)