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bunnies! by SuperDewa

10-days-old baby bunnies by Astakatrin


horseshoesn-heartbeats asked: Any tips on drying a bunny off after a bath? My guy is scared of the blow drier so I towel him off but his bum takes so long to dry! He only gets bathed once every 4ish months and I don't get him really wet but I'm worried he could get a cold if he stays wet too long. How do you dry your bunnies?

It’s really not necessary at all to bathe a bunny.

So just don’t (unless it’s for medical reasons, when the vet reccomends it)

But anyway, I’ll answer your question.. Maybe use a (paper) towel to dry the bunny and keep it warm untill it’s completely dry. Or use a heated fan if you have that.

My super cute bunny, Bilbo.

Yawning Rabbit by YanceyBoy


Lady by nadege_t on Flickr.

I decided to wear my ears up today.